Advanced Certificate in Insurtech

Discover the technologies driving InsurTech. Learn from seasoned experts on how to leverage technology to reshape your organization’s insurance business. 


Learn with us

Master the fundamentals of InsurTech.

Recognise inherent problems in the traditional insurance market and how technology is helping to solve these problems.

Analyse customer journey and define new business framework. 

Gain an understanding of where Insurtech is headed




This 12-day deep dive is designed to help learners navigate the complex world of InsurTech. We will analyze new technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and how they are being applied in insurance. 


Beyond technology, go on step further to understand how policy and regulation are shaping the InsurTech industry in Singapore. 


The Advanced Certificate course is aimed at insurance professionals who need to gain a big picture understanding, break down the jargons, and take the first step in integrating technology into their existing strategies. 



12 Days; 9am to 5pm


  • Leaders in the insurance industry 

  • Financial advisers, relationship managers, finance professionals

  • Insurance professionals seeking to gain knowledge about InsurTech


SGD12,840.00* (as low as SGD1,452.00* after maximum funding)

COurse outline

Graduate Certificate Module 1: Fundamentals of InsurTech

Intake Information: 8 - 9 Nov 2021

Graduate Certificate Module 2: Funding InsurTech

Intake Information: 22 - 24 Nov 2021

Graduate Certificate Module 3: Shifting Insurance Distribution Models

Intake Information: 1 - 3 Dec 2021

Graduate Certificate Module 4: Collaborative Future of InsurTech

Intake Information: 22 - 23 Sep 2021 

Graduate Certificate Module 5: The Role of Policy and Regulation in InsurTech

Intake Information: 6 - 7 Oct 2021 


Start Date

1 Nov 2021 (Mon) - Open for Registration



Our instructors and guest speakers are industry practitioners who bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom. Navigate the complex Insurtech landscape with them. 

Our principal instructor for this course is: 

Val Yap, CEO and Founder of PolicyPal Group, Asia's leading insurtech company and member of the AMTD Group. Val also holds appointments in Singapore FinTech Association's Executive Committee and is a fellow at the Singapore University Of Social Sciences (SUSS).


Val Yap

CEO & Founder of PolicyPal Group

Upcoming Course

12 Days; 9am to 5pm

1 Nov 2021

SGD 12,840* (as low as
SGD 1,452 after max. funding)



Varun Mittal, a FinTech professional who manages client coverage of all financial services providers across different sectors in ASEAN. Varun has also worked with multiple regulators and national trade promotion agencies to develop FinTech ecosystems across the world.

varun mittal

Co-founder Singapore Fintech Association 

Gary Soh, a compliance professional with over 20 years of experience. Gary has worked with multiple insurers - SingLife, Prudential and Aviva - and contributed to the launch of Singapore’s first straight through insurance plan underwritten by SingLife.

GAry soh

Senior Director, Risks and Control of AMTD Digital

Gary Soh.jpg