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SMU Academy and TechFin launch one-day accelerated courses on Public Relations and Marketing

Joint Media Release

SMU Academy and TechFin launch one-day accelerated courses on Public Relations and Marketing to empower professionals in Tech, FinTech and Start-Up sectors

Singapore, 8 June 2023 (Thursday) - SMU Academy, the professional training arm of Singapore Management University (SMU), has partnered with TechFin Consulting (TechFin) to launch two specialised one-day programmes aimed at equipping professionals in the startup, tech and fintech sectors with marketing skills and know-how, to meet the evolving demands within their industries.

Titled ‘Effective Public Relations and Marketing for Startups’ and ‘Tech and Fintech Marketing: The Right Strategies for Success’, the accelerated programmes will expose participants to cutting-edge strategies, tools and techniques utilised by leading brands, with a specific focus on the unique environment and dynamics of the tech, fintech and startup industries.

The courses are timely, given the Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s recent report on annual job vacancies for 2022. According to the report, ‘commercial and marketing sales executive’ is the top PMET position that remained unfilled for at least six months. It also highlighted a concerning trend, quoting ‘lack of necessary specialised skills’ as one of the top reasons (34.1%) why PMET roles remained vacant. As companies adapt to evolving consumer behaviours and saturated market conditions, it has become imperative for professionals to acquire and expand their skill-sets to keep abreast of new customers engagement and branding strategies.

Jack Lim, Executive Director of SMU Academy, said, “We are thrilled to embark on the launch of these programmes in partnership with TechFin, fulfilling Singapore's insatiable appetite for a skilled workforce. Our mission is clear: to equip professionals with unparalled expertise and best practices, empowering them to excel across various industries. As technology, fintech, and entrepreneurship continue to flourish, these specialised courses will empower professionals to hone their know-how in PR, marketing and branding, and are suited for those who wish to reskill or upskill.”

Shaun Lai, Head of Programs at TechFin, added, “The collaboration with SMU Academy allows us to deliver these specialised courses that address the specific needs of Tech, FinTech, and Start-Ups in areas like public relations and marketing. These courses serve as a unique platform for participants to network, exchange ideas, and gain actionable strategies to excel in their respective fields or venture into tech, fintech industries, and startups.”

The above-mentioned courses are open to professionals from diverse industries who seek to broaden their knowledge and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving tech, fintech, and start-up landscape. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a digital certificate of completion issued by SMU. The fees for each of the programme range from as low as S$124. As part of the SkillsFuture Singapore Programme, the programme is eligible for SSG Funding and Singapore Citizens can utilise their Skillsfuture Credits and PSEA. More details about the programme can be found here.

Visit SMU Academy’s website to register and find out more about the course on: Effective Public Relations and Marketing for Startups and Tech and FinTech Marketing.

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  • Annex 1 - Job Vacancy Survey, Manpower Research & Statistics Department, Ministry of Manpower

  • Annex 2 - About the trainers

Annex 1 – Job Vacancy Survey, Manpower Research & Statistics Department, Ministry of Manpower, March 2023

“Top PMET Jobs Unfilled for At Least Six Months and Top Reasons For Being Hard-to-fill by Residents (%)”


Annex 2 – About the trainers

‘Effective Public Relations and Marketing for Startups’ will delve into the essential aspects of brand identity and public relations (PR) to help professionals market their products and services that will resonate with their target audience.

Peggy Wu, an Asia communications specialist with rich experience advising tech companies, corporates, MNCs and financial institutions on branding, marketing and communications will be the principal instructor for this course. As an industry expert, Peggy will share how she builds and protects brands in the region, create communication strategies and translates them into actionable directions using brand, marketing and PR tools. By the end of the 1-day course, learners will understand the thought process behind branding efforts and PR strategies and be able to apply these insights to their businesses and ideas.

In addition, ‘Tech and Fintech Marketing: The Right Strategies for Success’ will empower participants with modern marketing techniques to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in marketing tech and fintech products and services.

Megan Kirmani is a brand-building and growth-hacking veteran who delivered highly valued speeches at the Mumbrella 360 Asia and Marketing Magazine Conference and was previously head of the creative shop at Circles. Life will be the principal instructor for this course. With her strong passion for marketing, learners can look to gain a deep understanding of modern marketing, and growth-hacking and understand how the various tools available today can help deliver your desired message. By the end of the course, participants will understand marketing from a wide spectrum, ranging from offline to online mechanisms and tools to measure marketing success.

The courses are designed to be highly interactive, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Participants will engage in class and group discussions, fostering a dynamic learning environment that encourages collaboration and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

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