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Understand how the Metaverse is changing the way we live and work. Discover the key developments shaping the industries of the future within Singapore and beyond.

In collaboration with SMU Academy 


Learn with SMU Academy

Understand how Metaverse works, the usage of blockchain and role of NFTs

Navigate the challenges and regulations in creating the Metaverse


Technology Ecosystem

Upcoming Course

10th Feb 2023 

1 Day; 9am to 5pm

SGD 1,080* (as low as
SGD 124 (after max. funding from SkillsFuture Credits)




Imagine living in a world of virtual reality, where one dives into a virtual world, interacting with your friends from the real world in the virtual space. Such may seem a highly unrealistic dream scenario, conjured by deluded groups of people.

However, just like how out of the question the concept of the Internet was in the 1980s, the Metaverse might not be as unthinkable as we thought.

This course will allow participants to demystify the Metaverse, deepen their understanding, learn about its applications and business opportunities. By the end of the course, participants will be able to fully comprehend the concept of metaverse and its endless possibilities through an interactive approach.

Metaverse Overview
Metaverse Course Outline


1 day; 9am to 5pm

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  • Individuals interested in gaining an understanding of the Metaverse

  • Professionals exploring the potential applications of the Metaverse


SGD1,080.00* (as low as SGD 124.00* using SkillsFuture Credits)

Apply and employ Web 3 utilisations to your existing backgrounds and experiences


Metaverse Experts

Our instructors are industry practitioners who bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom. Navigate the Metaverse landscape with them. 

Our principal instructor for this course is: 

Soh Wan Wei is a Singaporean tech futurist, author and thought leader in the Web3.0 and metaverse space. Passionate about open source movements and virtual beings, she is also one of the founding team members of the dWeb Southeast Asian node. After graduating from the National University of Singapore, she went on to achieve many notable feats. These include spearheading international campaigns such as the official Finland 100 project, which was endorsed by the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office.

With her extensive experience in tech, Wan Wei went on to found IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective ( in 2014. IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective is an entity with a mission to help 10million people crossover to the Web3.0 space. It counts NYSE-listed Nutanix, Hitachi, and non-profit alliance ChangemakersXchange as some of the key partners and clients in its portfolio.

Wan Wei identifies herself as a global citizen and has previously spent four years living in Europe and a year in Japan. An experienced community advocate and public relations practitioner, Wan Wei has spoken at more than 50 reputable Web3.0, metaverse and A.I. industry conferences and hackathons globally. Currently, she also serves as a senior lecturer at Blockdegree where she specialises in topics on blockchain for business practitioners.

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soh wan wei

Chief Executive Officer of IKIGUIDE Metaverse Collective

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