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Effective Public Relations and Marketing for Startups 
- Empowering Fintech & tech startups

Learn to stand out from the rest and build your business with an industry professional.

Be equipped with essential Branding, Marketing and Public Relations (PR) communications to ride the waves of evolving FinTech industry.

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Learn with SMU Academy

The role of marketing, branding and PR communications in the tech and fintech industry

Gain insights of real case studies and identify the various PR & marketing strategies

Discover the risks of marketing failures and how to overcome them

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Technology Ecosystem

Upcoming Course

10th July 2024


1 Day; 9am to 5pm

SGD 1,080* (as low as
SGD 124 after max. funding from SkillsFuture Credits)




Inspired by the late Steve Jobs and the likes of many successful young FinTech entrepreneurs, the wave of financial technology entrepreneurship has transpired all over the world. 

However, this seemingly realistic dream largely falls through as most FinTech and Tech startups end up failing and going bankrupt due to a multitude of reasons, one of them being their lack of marketing, branding and public relations (PR) communication potency in the FinTech industry. 

Riding on the wave of FinTech entrepreneurship and Tech startups, this module aims to empower aspiring FinTech & Tech entrepreneurs with the marketing knowledge for startups in the hopes to achieve the dream envisioned.

Startup Overview


1-Day: 9am to 5pm


  • Professionals interested in branding, marketing and public relation communications in startups

  • Entrepreneurs aspiring to have their own startups

  • Anyone interested to learn more about the brand building process

Startups Course Outline


SGD1,080.00* (as low as SGD 124.00* using SkillsFuture Credits)


Startups Experts

Our instructors and guest speakers are industry practitioners who bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom. Navigate the complex startup landscape with them. 

Our principal instructor for this course is: 

Peggy Wu is an Asia communications specialist with rich experience advising tech companies, corporates, MNCs and financial institutions on branding, marketing and communications. 

Peggy was the former Head of Communications at Monk’s Hill Ventures (‘MHV’), where she built the reputation of the early–stage tech VC firm in Southeast Asia as the leading Series A fund in the region. She also advised the fund’s portfolio of over 30 companies including Ninja Van, ELSA, Glints, and KKday on communications for fundraising and talent acquisition. 


Currently, she works as the Managing Director of Milkfish, a communications consultancy. Working closely with tech founders and business leaders in Southeast Asia, she thrives to build and protect brands and its reputation in the region. This includes communication strategies to raise profile among potential customers, build awareness among investors for fundraising, acquire sought-after tech talent and issue management. The strategy is then translated through brand, marketing and PR channels and tools.

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Peggy Wu

Managing Director of Milkfish, 
Former Head of Communications at Monk's Hill Venture

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