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14 hours | 2 days-Course

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8 hours | 1 day-Course

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Product Management

14 hours | 2 days-Course

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14 hours | 2 days-Course

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72 hours | 12 days-Course


SkillsFuture Credit 

All our courses are eligible for SkillsFuture credits. Enjoy great savings on your course fees! 

Step by Step Guide on how to claim

After you have successfully enrolled in our course, you can submit a claim for SkillsFuture Credit by following the steps below.

1.    Log in on MySkillsFuture with Singpass and go to ‘SkillsFuture Credit’ 

SFC_Enhanced Syst 1.png

2.    Click on ‘Proceed to Submit a Claim'. Alternatively, you can click on 'View Course Enrolments' for a list of enrolled courses that your Training Provider has provided.

screenshot 1.png

3.    Click on 'View More' for enrolled course. Select the course you would like to claim SkillsFuture Credit for, and click on 'Submit Claim'.


4.    The page will show your course details and the course run or course start date. Scroll down to key in payment details and upload supporting documents. Check the 'Terms & Conditions' checkbox and click 'Submit'.


5.    Agree to the terms and conditions. Click Submit.

SFC_Enhanced Syst 5.png

6.    A pop-up for your declaration will appear. Click on Agree and Submit.

SFC_Enhanced Syst 6.png
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